What are the differences between rugby 7s and rugby 15s?

Rugby is a sport with different variations. At this moment you are invited to try 1xBet online betting on the most exciting of them. Two particularly interesting ones are rugby 7s and rugby 15s. Of course, the 2 of them are still rugby, meaning they share many aspects in common. However, there are some differences that are still worth examining.

The 1st major difference to discuss, which is the most obvious, is the number of players. At this moment it is possible to try online betting at 1xBet on the most exciting rugby matches being played all across the world. As the name implies, rugby 7s and 15s has 7 and 15 players per team respectively. Other differences include:

  • the gameplay and strategies;
  • the duration of the games;
  • the fitness of players;
  • and how tournaments are played.

Having only 7 players per team makes the field look bigger. This game is much faster, as there are less opponents that can stop players who want to attempt a run. By contrast, in rugby 15s, things are more like a chess match. The field is much more packed, meaning that there is less room to run. With this, the squads need to be much more strategic when making their moves.

Different dynamics

Rugby 7s tends to have short matches. At https://www.1xbet.pk/mobile you will always have great chances to wager on them too. Most of them have 2 halves of 7 minutes each, meaning there is approximately 14 minutes of gameplay.

Rugby 15s, on the other hand, is a whole different thing. Here there are also 2 halves, but instead of being 7 minutes long they are 40. For this reason, comparing 7s to 15s is like comparing the 100 meters to a marathon. At the 1xBet platform you will also find sections where you will be able to wager on those competitions too.

Scoring is the same between both disciplines. However, because 7s has more open field for the players, tries occur much more frequently.

Different dynamics

Fitness is another player where the sports differ. By the way, a great site to visit is 1xbet.pk/virtualsports - place virtual soccer bet and win with real counterparts of this sport too.

Sure, in both variations all players have a great physical shape, but their preparation is quite different. But in 7s, it's all about that explosive speed and quick recovery, like sprinters. In 15s, players need to be durable, like long-distance runners, and strong enough to handle the constant physical battles.

Tournament-wise, 7s events are like festivals. Games are short, teams play multiple times a day, and it's all wrapped up in a couple of days. In 15s, you get more of a weekly schedule, with teams playing one game per week. At 1xBet bettors can place a virtual soccer bet and also wager on these 2 variations of rugby too.